The day to day grind

I don't know about anyone else out there, but my days tend to blend.

I never really had this problem 2 years ago, while I lived around all of my girlfriends. I always had things to do, plans and events to help me identify my days.

However, when we moved to this area I commuted for 7 months and then had 1 job for 2 months before starting this job I have been at for over a year.

With commuting and constantly returning to Syracuse for things, my roots have never really been grounded here.

On top of that I work a weird ass schedule of midmorning to mid evening 4 days a week. It does not leave a whole lot of time for "stuff" during the week.

I have found this to be a struggle for me in forcing myself to make time for "stuff" before or after work. The only problem with this is I am left with my days melting into one another and losing the ability to take care of me.

With my days melting into one another and feeling like my only time to get stuff done is the weekends, I definitely end up feeling like there is no way in hell I can make myself a priority with all that.

Lacking motivation during the winter months also plays a large part in my world just being monotonous. But, I am slowly pulling away from that with spring finally getting here.

It is easy for me to be a floater - I could float through my own life if I don't stop myself. It is far too easy for me to sit back and wait for the right time to come to start shit.

Life does not work that way though, so I need to try and focus on each day as a unique experience rather than something I get through on my way to Friday.

Being a passive part of my own life is never how I planned to live and eventually I have to make a change. So why not start today?



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