Anyone catch that? You will become my new best friend if you get the title of this post haha.

Any who - I wish I could have gone through my life without this post. I wish I could say I live my life without any regrets but I would be lying to both you and myself. Some of my regrets come from not having pushed myself hard enough. However there is another part of me that believes in the lessons my mother raised me on.

I am not sure if I shared this before or not on here but my mother raised us with the belief that everything happens for a reason and if things are meant to be they will work out somehow. Now this is not to say we were taught to sit back and wait for good things to come our way. Rather it was a lesson of work hard and do what is right and best, knowing that the end results are what is meant to be.

I understand this sounds very simple to some people and I respect that. However thinking and believing this wholeheartedly has allowed me to accept that sometimes things just are what they are. Which in turn has allowed me to live my life with few regrets. The regrets I do have however are from my own lack of trying and not learning.

My regrets are more "what ifs" rather than being disappointed in the life I have today. I feel that I have been blessed with a pretty kick ass life and do not necessarily feel or need more. However that doesn't stop me from wondering what could have happened had I done somethings differently.

What if I had pushed harder and found a way to become an RN, NP, PhD, MD?

What if I had been more comfortable or braver in finding my creativity sooner?

What if I had blogged before it was cool?

What if I hadn't completed my master's degree?

What if....

Here is where the story gets fun for me - instead of getting lost in what may have been I turn these what ifs in to stories in my mind.

I create an alternate reality of where life could have ended up.

They become these intricate stories and just remind me how much I enjoy writing and spinning a story even in my head.

Once I exhaust these silly ideas I then learn from my what ifs. What aspect of that moment do I actually regret? How can I avoid that in the future? What can I do differently tomorrow to build and learn from that moment of my life? What part of my silly story did I love the most and how can I implement that in to my reality?

One of my biggest fears is looking back at my life when I am 90 and realizing I didn't push myself hard enough, or go out of my comfort zone or got lost in the what ifs rather than pushing myself forward.

A huge lesson I have learned through all of this is to push outside of my comfort zone and make myself vulnerable at times in order to grow. This is partly why I have finally tried my hand at freelancing and regardless of what happens I will never have to ask myself one day what if.

This is why I pushed to get healthy - I won't have to wonder what if.

This is why I have learned how to speak my mind - I won't have to question what if.

Learning to push past who we think we are and push towards who we can be is tough for many of us I would think. If we never get past the fear of failure, rejection and being uncomfortable we will not be able to grow.

If we do not grow what has been our purpose all along.

Someone once told me if we ever find ourselves not wanting to learn and grow in an area it is time to leave that area behind. Once we think we know it all is the time we should recognize we don't and something needs to change.

Live a life with no regrets, rather live a life learning from your past.

What have you learned from your "what ifs" in life?



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