The Dream Craft Room

So if you recall this post this is what my old craft room looked like.

It served a dual function - the husband's office and my craft room so it was a mashup of furniture, decor etc.

The closet served as storage for all my Christmas decor in totes and our Christmas tree haha.

However in our new house I actually get a dedicated only for me craft room - woohoo to that!

But it has also taken the backseat to all of the other stuff we wanted/needed to take care of first.

We painted, we did the floors, small changes etc and I am hoping to at least begin doing what I can in my craft room.

Here is what the room looked like when we moved in.

*sorry for the fuzzy photo I took it off of the online listing

Here is what it looks like now... so bad I know but reality.

It is currently the holding cell for all craft related, long dresses cause we only have the double short bars in our closets in our room, extras from the holidays etc.  

It needs a makeover I think we can all agree on that. 

And here is my dream style board of what I want it to resemble down the road.

Craft Room

I have a few of these items already and actually fell in love with the idea of using my elephant canvas as the color scheme.  In reality I would definitely have more color in the room in decor and accents but this is where I want to start.

What do you think?  Good color combo?  Need more of any of the colors? Should I rethink the entire design?  I would love to hear some opinions.

Happy Monday!


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