My Bucket List

I know this is not the most original post but I have always wanted to write down my bucket list of places I want to go, things I want to experience, things I want to learn, etc.  Some of the things on my list I already did and some I will probably never have the chance to do but isn't that the point of a bucket list? It will be an ever changing list as I think of things I want to do or did do that were on my bucket list.  It will be fun to update it once things change if they change.  I would love to hear from everyone about anything you have done on my list or things on your own list.

1. Hawaii - done 3/2011
2. DisneyWorld - done x3, got engaged there
3. Las Vegas - x2 and even got married there
4. Outside of the country
5. Venice
6. Limatola - the place my father is from
7. Africa
8. Niagra Falls - done 3/2012 
9. Vermont
*Edited 3/16/16 to add the stuff below
10. Visit all 50 states
11. See the Grand Canyon
12. Visit Martha's Vineyard
*Edited 2/12/17 to add the stuff below
13. Visit Cape Cod
14. Visit Salem at Halloween Time

1. Get a stamp in my passport
2. Sky Dive - done 3/22/11 AKA the day after our wedding
3. Bungee jump
4. At least create my own business even if it fails
5. Become a wedding planner
6. Go on a cruise
7. Read my entire Bible
*Edited 3/16/16 to add the stuff below
8. See a Nascar race that isn't Watkins Glen haha
9. Go to an NFL game that isn't Buffalo, NY Giants or the Jets
10. See the Northern Lights
11. Buy one pair of "high end" shoes - like these or these

1. How to speak Spanish and Italian fluently
2. To be healthy
3. Patience


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