I do not know about any of you but moving sucks.

I honestly hate it with a passion.

When we moved from our apartment to our 1st house we packed and then had guys come in and take care of all the "heavy" stuff and that was awesome but this time around I wanted nothing to do with any moving of any kind.

So we had a company come in and move it all for us - amazing concept.

We still packed it and had to unpack it unfortunatley (1st world problems IK).

I found with our latest move (granted we have really only had 2) there were a few tips that made life easier and I figured I would share them.

1. Get more boxes than you ever think you will need cause you will need those and then some most likely.

2. Get a variety of sizes and shapes cause you don't want to haul giant boxes full of books - it ain't cute.

3. Invest in those giant permanent markers and tons of tape.

4. Pack as much of a room as you can at a time - i.e. pack up your entire guest bedroom minus the bed, pack up all non essential kitchen stuff besides the things you need day to day.

5. Label, label, label!  If you know you will need certain boxes day 1 make sure you made a point of labeling them.

6. On the other hand don't go overboard and waste time listing every single tiny item in each and every box just the biggies - for us that was coffee pot, the husband's work clothes (he returned to work next day I had a few days off to worry), dogs stuff, bedding.

7. Find a place to store everything so you don't have 5 rooms half full of packed boxes - we used our "basement" until we put the house on the market and then put it in all in the garage.

8. Do not fall in to the trap of packing a million tiny boxes with a million things, consolidate as much as physically possible I promise it will be worth it!

9. Packing is a wonderful opportunity/excuse to clean up and get rid of clutter.  Since we knew within the next 1-3 years at the beginning of 2015 we would be moving we used it as an opportunity to go through our home room by room during 2015 and donate as much as possible (most Rescue Missions, Good Wills etc have tax exempt forms also so it works as a good deed and you can benefit too - whether that is right or wrong is up to you.) We got rid of multiple car loads of stuff that was donate-able and anything that wasn't slowly went out in the weekly garbage.  The end result we had less crap to pack and therefore less crap to weed through in our new home meaning about 90% of shit we brought had a home from the get go.

10. If posible unpack right away and unpack 1 room at a time just like you did when packing.  We made sure our kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms were good to go day one first thing and then we ensured about 90% of our stuff was unpacked within a 24 hour period.

11. Use every day items as storage/moving boxes -- we used giant baskets that would just fill up a box unnecessarily with toiletries, the dogs stuff, etc and then we also used laundry baskets to take last minute dirty stuff that didn't make it in to the washer before moving and also for bedding and pillows we used that last night we were in the house before the move.

12. If possible keep clothes on hangers and kinda fold them in to the giant boxes or even rubber band them together and use garbage bags as makeshift garment bags to get them from point A to B.

13. If you hire a moving company discuss with them exactly what you have in your home, number of rooms, type of furniture etc. to ensure they bring the correct size.

14. Don't forget the random stuff you don't pay attention to often - tires (if you live in a snowy climate you have at least 2 sets per car), gardening stuff, lawn mowers, grills, patio furniture, stuff in the closet you go in to 1x a year for holiday decor etc.

15. Clean up the house after you leave it!  And if you have the opportunity go to the new house and clean the hell out of that thing before you move in, I don't care how "good" a cleaning company is there is nothing quite like you vacuuming and scrubbing and bleaching the hell out of a new place so you know it was done right!

16. Create lists of what you need to do, pack, buy and then use it!  Check things off as you accomplish them and hopefully it will help you from getting too overwhelmed by it all.

17. Lastly it takes more time than you anticipate so build that in.  Our home was not large and we spread the packing out of over about 2 months and still were left with about a dozen boxes on the last night - cleaning supplies, kitchen stuff, clothing, dogs crap etc.

I know to many people this all seems like "duh" but I figured it can't hurt to see it all in one place in one list.

Good luck on your next adventure!



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