Made By Meesh -- is it ever going to happen?

If you have followed along here or IG or FB then you have seen my many attempts to make Made By Mesh happen.

Well obviously since I am writing this post it has not exactly happened.

There are a few reasons why it hasn't - I am a class A procrastinator and it is not a badge I wear with honor but rather with honesty cause it is probably one of my biggest issues in life.  

I also I don't always believe in myself enough to just try and when I do try I try what other people suggest or are already doing cause I figure well shit it works for them should work for me right? Wrong! 

Everything I have tried so far has been what seems to be the right answer and I am fighting against the fact that I need to do what feels right.

I tried craft shows - but tried one literally, didn't like the way it felt and it felt like a waste of my time so nixed that idea forever (but am warming up to this idea again...)

I tried giveaways to garner some attention and followers - worked but I didn't put in the work to follow up on that one so oops.

I tried creating a "shop" with 2 girlfriends but between them having other areas of interest (they are both teachers, both enjoy outdoor activities a lot, have gained a love for running, trivia nights etc.) and us moving it just didn't happen the way I had hoped.  They were fine with it, as am I cause it just didn't work out at that time.

My greatest luck has been with making gifts and helping out with events for family and friends.  This method has provided me with a lot of learning opportunities and new ideas.

I say all of this to say I think I have figured out a few things --

   1. I need to do what feels right (make things I am proud of, sell it with my heart not my head, have      
       fun with it, etc) 
   2. I need to create the things I love and am proud of versus what is currently "trendy."  I am not
       trendy in any other aspect of my life and this should be no exception.
   3. It is going to take time, effort and I need to have my ideas done and created before I try to sell 
       myself and a "brand."
   4. I need to believe in myself and what I create is worth other people's attention, time and money.
   5. I may receive criticism, feedback I don't like or want to hear and people may hate what I create 
       but it doesn't mean it is not worthy of my time and attention.
   6. I may fail again and again but it is up to me when and if I give up completely and if I want it I 
       have to keep working for it until I decided I am done. 
   7. And last - I have to want it enough to put all of myself in to it.  

I would love for 2016 to finally be my year when it comes to this endeavor but I am realistic in understanding it could be this year or next year or never.  

But I love making and creating and have a kick ass craft room to create in so at the end of the day I won't stop and I will see what tomorrow brings.

Please don't give up on me and my dream because I hope one day it becomes a reality!



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