Beachy Kitchen Blues

So I am not sure if I have ever told y'all how much I love color.

I love color so much that one year I had what was forever nicknamed "Meesh and the Technicolor Dream Comforter" - it was bright, multi colored and striped. Orange was the main color.  I loved it.

So when Big Chill introduced their color of the month project I was thrilled to share my version!

They have introduced 2 new colors based on the Pantone 2016 COLORS of the year

While I love both colors the serenity really stuck out at me.

So when I looked at Big Chill's color options the Beach Blue color caught my eye and I began imagining this color where else?  By the beach!

When I created my style board all I could picture was a retro beach house with a mainly white theme and beautiful pops of blue throughout.

I know it may not be original but I tend to lean towards something that I love rather than what is trendy. When I look for things to decorate or put in my home I think would I want to look at this item or thing in my home for years to come.

Big Chill offers a retro line, a classic line and a pro line.  Each line provides it's own unique feel and would allow everyone to find something that works for them and their home.

Pantone 2016 Big Chill

The items I picked range from retro to modern to shabby chic.  It is kind of like my own life I love to mix styles and textures and create my own unique look.

I would love to add these bold colors in my home and brighten it up in a while new way. 

What colors would you make the center of your kitchen and home?



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