Health -- sometimes it sucks!!

So there are some things I have never shared with you

Nothing too serious really but things that play a large role in my current life.

About a year ago now I was having horrible adult acne, I am talking giant under the skin bumps that were painful and ugly and swollen and that my old staple of proactiv no longer helped.

I was so stressed out from it so I did what I always do, I cried and screamed and freaked out until the hubs suggested I do something crazy... go see a dermatologist finally.

So off I go - on a side note I absolutely love my dermatologist!

He is old school and vocal and opinionated and just a great guy!

He is honest and tells it like it is which I greatly appreciate.

P.S. no my face regiment involves using a prescription for:  akne-mycin 2%, sodium sulfacetamide lotion 10%, minocycline - low dose PRN and my face wash is called: oxy acne medication found here {the original one I used) and here{the current one I use} -- all of this really helped control my acne along with my Rosacea I was diagnosed with this past Fall and BC helps with all of the above also to control hormones etc.

So the doctor takes a look and tells me I have adult acne and that by some of my other symptoms he suggested I get some blood work done and se if perhaps I have PCOS.

Well lo and behold I did/do.

PCOS - a disease that is not life threatening (thank The Lord!) but comes with some frustrating side effects shall we say.

The things I experience are: irregular periods {fixed with metformin and B}, horrible (painful) adult acne {fixed as stated above}, more than likely infertility and weight gain with difficulty losing the weight.

To be honest with the you the most difficult part for me is the weight gain/difficulty losing and the acne.

 photo 2007_zpsda738a6c.jpg

 photo 2008_zpsbfdebebd.jpg

I can deal with the potential infertility -- read about my thoughts on kids here -- there are plenty of children in the world who need good homes and I always thought about adopting children so I would not be horribly distraught if it comes down to it

 photo 2009_zps899e90b0.jpg

But it has been very difficult eating better, working out 2-3 times a week and actually gaining weight.

 photo 2010_zps9613ceb3.jpg

I will lose a bit maybe 5 pounds but then I will find myself going right back where I started.

 photo 2011_zpse2921f48.jpg

This has caused much frustration for me and my poor hubs who is the person who suffers my frustration most often.

 photo 2012_zps5f0edad4.jpg

So I decided to do a bit of research and what I found is many women with PCOS have the same problem as me and it appears a low carb diet seems to do the trick so that is the next part of my journey.

 photo 2013_zps54e11bfa.jpg

I am going to try a low carb diet which would not necessarily hurt me lol.

I don't want to go to any extremes which is why I am not toting a "no carb" diet thing.

But rather I should say a low carb lifestyle.

It won't be easy -- I come from a very italian family that loves pasta, bread, etc.

But I can't allow myself to continue going the way I am

 photo 2014_zpsd0a43e3e.jpg

I guess the reason I am sharing this is because it has become such a struggle for me.

Now don't get me wrong it is not that I am defined by my weight/size but rather it is difficult feeling comfortable in a 5'1" body being about 30 pounds overweight especially when I carry the majority of the weight in my stomach, thighs and butt area.  It is not proportioned well at all. 

And I know there are so many of you out there that struggle with your own stuff I figured maybe someone else has some experience with this

Maybe someone out there can offer some tips, tricks, advice, words of wisdom -- whatever it may be.

Also maybe someone out there will realize they are not alone and there are other people struggling with the same things.

 photo 20072014_zpsc08f92ed.jpg

Just to give you an idea of where I was 7 years ago and where I am as of Mother's Day Weekend.

It was slow and steady as the pictures show above but I got to this place and something needs to be done -- diabetes, heart problems and high cholesterol among other things run in my family and I don't want to find myself in an unnecessary position due to not trying all options.

What do you want to share today?

What are you struggling with?



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