Weddings galore (9/1/12)

So this was the wedding for my Sunshine!
Sunshine and I have been friends since the 10th grade when I moved to The North Country!
It is kind of funny because we are opposites in every sense of the word!

She is coordinated -- I fall over my own two feet!
She is athletic -- I was the world's BEST bench warmer in volleyball!
She loves her some Gwen Stefani, K-Rock style music -- I am bopping my head to Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj
She is down to earth and a go with the flow girl -- I am high maintenance and high strung haha

But despite these things we have been best friends since we were 15!

So when she got engaged a year and a half after me I was beyond excited for her!

Now I was even more excited when she told me WE HAVE A DATE!!'

We had some mani-pedis
 photo FrankesWedding1_zpsaf86c23e.jpg
We had a nice rehearsal dinner at a place called Coleman's here in CNY and then came back to my place where.... well things got a bit crazy!!
 photo FrankesWedding2_zps9f463f7f.jpg

 photo FrankesWedding3_zpsec65e336.jpg
Yeah look how classy we were at dinner....
 photo FrankesWedding4_zps26e2d536.jpg
Well that quickly went down hill once the hpnotiq came out haha

The day of the wedding we woke up and got ready!
 photo FrankesWedding5_zps818deb55.jpg
How gorgeous is the hair and bride?
And yes we did go hang out under the dress... what you didn't do that at your BFFs wedding?
 photo FrankesWedding6_zps2e0f3e7e.jpgOh did I mention... she got married at the ZOO??!!

It was a great night with great food -- drinks -- friends -- dancing
 photo FrankesWedding7_zpsb94bd7c5.jpg
We got to have a mini high school reunion!  WooHoo to us!

All in all it was an awesome day!!

Obviously it has been a year since I should have posted this but eh things happen!

This same girl spent 6-8 weeks traveling across the country with her new husband this summer and it was awesome!!

Love you Sunshine!!

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stevenjared0853 said…
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