My 2 cents

Okay you probably A-could care less about my opinion and B-are sick of hearing about ths topic but I feel I must add in my 2 cents.

Earlier this week I came across this picture:

And at first I am like WTW?! {What The What?!}  I am thinking geez seriously who does this?  You have got to be kidding me etc.  

And then I realized wow I am hating on someone I don't know, who didn't ask me for my opinion and who does not give two shits about me!  

I am hating on her-{let's be honest here for a moment}-because she has the body I dream about with 3 kids and I have the pregnancy body minus the kids! 

That is the truth I was irritated originally cause she looks good and I want to but don't want to do the work.

Well as time went on I kept seeing more and more articles bashing this woman and I just have to add my opinion.

Here is the thing {in my opinion} -we as a society often have a tendency {just like me} to automatically either hate someone who has what we want or defend why we don't have what they want.

The reality is this woman is doing NOTHING WRONG!  Yeah fine maybe the wording on the pic could have been a bit different or maybe she could have worn a tank vs. bra but it doesn't change the reality.  She managed to stay fit with 3 children and a husband and employment - if she can so can the rest of us.

Instead what is happening is I have read every single excuse under the roof about why someone can't look like her and why it is "fat shaming" and why she is a fraud, liar, her kids are not being taken care of etc.  


1st if you don't like it - DON'T LOOK AT IT!

2nd if this makes you feel a certain kind of way - look at yourself not her.

3rd Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent - so why is a picture a woman posted on her FB page that you have to go like and seek out making you automatically write a defensive article about why you don't look like her?

4th If it is making you unhappy or you feel fat shaming is going on don't give her the publicity of posting on her wall, writing a bashing article, etc because even bad publicity is publicity!

At the end of the day me hating on her and her hard work is not going to make me lose weight, eat better, look better, feel better etc.  

The only thing that will help with all of the above is ME!!  I can not place blame on my "busy" life {FYI I work a 40 hour a week job, no kids, have a dog that doesn't require a lot of work and no real extras! AKA I have no excuses besides laziness lol} or "bad genes" or anything else.  I have to make the decision to make things happen!

And if I have outstanding circumstances that prevent me from losing weight, looking like this etc. once again my issues can not be with Maria it is with my unhappiness with myself.

Because truth is there will always be a Maria out there.

There will always be the person better than you, richer than you, better looking, thinner, etc. 

If I focus on everything I don't have versus what I do have I will never truly appreciate what God has given me here and today!

I guess my thought is - we can't continue to blame others for how we feel!

Nobody can MAKE you feel anything - it is our reaction to someone's actions or sometimes perceived actions and it is just so annoying when people try to blame others for why they don't like themselves or are unhappy.

There is no rule that says we have to look like this person or that person or have this hair or that hair - yes I know "society" says so - but once again why do we allow "society" to dictate what we perceive as ok?

I am very short {not societal standard}, I am "curvaceous" {nice way of saying a bit (a lot) overweight lol also not a societal standard}, I have brown hair and eyes {oh not winning again!} etc. but am I unhappy with my overall appearance - sometimes?  Why - cause I could lose some weight and I just have days where I am not happy!

See I feel that we assume because a person is _____________ {fill in the blank with skinny, pretty, smart, rich etc.} they are happier and better than us.  Truth - if you are not happy with yourself all of the money, power, beauty, etc. in the world won't fix YOU!

This is a lesson I have had to learn and it is a hard one.

My appearance, my bank account, my hair etc does not define me!  I am defined by the person I am, what I put out into this world and what I leave in the world!!

Sometimes we have to remember - life isn't fair, we are dealt a hand in life and it is up to us how we play that hand.

Make the most of what you have and learn to be happy with your!  Appreciate who you are and why others love you!  Don't focus on the ugly!  Learn to look at the beauty!!  

At the end of the day - life is all about perspective!!

P.S. It is okay to not be happy I am not saying you can't.  I am saying figure out what to do to make yourself happy rather than focus on things that make you feel bad about yourself because there are unfortunately a lot of them out there.  Some things I have found to help me {FYI - I am not perfect, I don't always take my own advice and I am no expert just throwing in my 2 cents haha}

1. my #365daysofgratitude on Instagram 
2. writing in a journal about what I have versus focusing on what I don't have 
3. surrounding myself by those that LOVE me for ME not because of anything I can give them, provide them or do for them 
4. taking time for me {yes anyone can do it even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom and pretend you are using it lol just take that 5-10 minutes!} 
5. reflecting on what I read in my Bible and how it applies to my life 

Hope this either helps you or at least provided some entertaining reading! :)  Happy Sunday Friends!!


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