Things you should probably know

FYI:  This post was supposed to be posted back in April/May :)  My bad!!

Well now that it is Friday I can finally spill my beans to y'all!
So here are some things you should know!

1.  Hubs has been in Canada for work for almost 3 weeks!!  I have missed that man more than I realized I would!!  I am truly blessed to have him!!

2.  These 3 weeks have taught me I am stronger than I realized and very capable of spending time alone and being okay!

3.  I am a social creature!!  I love being around others!!

5.  It is Friday!!  What are you up to this week?

6.  I am cheating on the hubs… with a 4 year old but to be fair the 4 year old is two timing me too!

7.  It is actually easier to be a better and bigger person

8.  Every day is a blessing and the small things remind me of that!

9.  I have a wonderful family and am so grateful for them

10.  Having your little sister be your best friend is truly amazing!! <3 my life!

What should I know about you?

P.S. did you notice there was no #4 tehehe
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