Thankful Sunday {week 1}

So last year I started a "What I am thankful for" and got through 3 weeks {here, herehere}
Let's hope I can do it again!!

There will be repeats I am sure but that's alright!
So here we go!!

This week I am thankful for... {in no particular order!}

1.  No SNOW yet!!  WooHoo!! That darn weather app on my phone keeps threatening but NOTHING  yet!!  {now mother nature just so you know I am not teasing you nor boasting, just THANKFUL I don't have to brush off my car yet!!  THANK YOU!}

2.  Being able to do this series again {in other words I am alive, healthy and well another year!  I can't complain about that!}

3.  My job -  now I know I was grateful for this last year but that was because I had left an even cookier place - this year is because with so many cuts going on where I work it is truly a blessing!

4.  This warm laptop on my lap and blanket I am currently snuggling with - yeah that's right!!

5.  The fact that I am still blogging, crafting and branching out!!  To be honest with ya'll I am a lot of talk typically and get bored pretty easy!!  This whole blogging/crafting thing is well one of the first times outside of school that I have put forth this much time and efffort into something!!  And to be honest, I am quite proud! :)

Alright week 1 done!
Now it is your turn!!

What are you thankful for?
Please do share!!

Happy Sunday and week beauties!!

-Meesh :)


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