Baby Shower Invites {DIY}

So if you remember I told ya'll I was planning my sister in law's baby shower
I made a lot of stuff for the party {thank you pinterest!}
One of my favorites was the invitations!!

 photo 8d040849-84fb-4578-8ace-9f1f34c3c3bd_zps2e5d39ba.jpg

 1. Using pic monkey create the main part of your invite 2. Using your Close to My Heart stamp sets to stamp your outside piece 3&4. con your wifey into stamping and cutting out each individual banner piece 5&6. Create your insert for the invitation {we asked everyone to bring a baby book and a onesie that represented them for a game} and then you realize that you actually spelled onesie as onseie lol thank God my hubby caught it!! 7. Put your card together 8. Use it as decor for your party

So I love using my Close to My Heart stamps {I am not endorsed by them at all lol I am part of a scrapbook club and we get to purchase whatever we want from the book each month and I love them!}

So our theme was a rubber ducky/pastel color party!!

Also if you go here you will see my post on 2 different banners and a heart garland I made for my sister in law's baby shower and other sister in law's friends bridal shower!

Look out for another post tomorrow on the entire shower and some other DIYs.  


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