Canvas Art {DIY}

So we have lived in our house for well over a year at this point and we are just starting to decorate!! 

LOL yeah in case you can't tell, I tend to take my time with all things in life! :)

So we were scouring Pier 1 and found this beauty...

Well it also came with a hefty price tag of...$299.98 on clearance!!

Yeah so not happening!! 

So I decided to do a DIY... here it goes!!

And this is what we created!! So how did I do it?

Well first I took a canvas 40x60 I believe (50% off at Joann Fabrics)

And painted it...
Then smiled for the hubs...
Then painted and talked on the phone...
Then finished the first red (which was more pink than red)
Then completed layer #2!! 
And end result:

So how did I get from the red to the actual "art" well...

You go to this link and choose what vinyl you want!!

Yes that is right, I am no artist!! We found this vinyl design on Wall Written and followed the directions to get it on the canvas then covered the entire thing with matte mod podge and wal la!!
We chose the "three birds on a brach" design at 54 x 22.25!!

So this entire project cost us about $90 bucks and I love the results!! I also created a much smaller version with another vinyl expression for Christmas but sadly forgot to take pics of it :( Sorry!!

P.S. I know everyone has probably tried this "method" of mod podging on stuff to canvas etc but until this year {well last year now lol} I had never tried so I am very proud!!

Love ya'll,
Meesh :)

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kt moxie said…
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kt moxie said…
I like yours better than the one you found at Pier One. Love the red! Following you back!
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Meesh said…
Thanks ladies! It was a fun project to make!! :) Yeah red is our color lol you should see our kitchen lol
-Meesh :)

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