AtoZ of me

So I was just browsing through my blogger feed and found this over at Ashely's from a Mommy...A Work In Progress

And decided I wanted to share my AtoZ with ya'll! :)

Age: 26 {at the mid-way point between bdays as I am June baby!}

Bed size: Full/Queen {is there really a difference and besides regardless of size my 5'2" self hogs it tehehe}

Chore that you hate: The most? Umm toss up between floors or dusting {btw don't even stop over unannounced or at least don't judge lol}

Dogs: I *heart* dogs!! We have a basenji named Raj {aka Bubba, BooBoo Butt Baby Boy, Bubs, Mama's booboo, etc}

Essential start to your day: snooze, caffeine and carbs oh and leaving me alone {yeah...sooooo not a morning person!!}

Favorite color: I am a pink girl all the way!! 

Gold or Silver: White gold 

Height: 5'2"

Instruments you play: Yeah luckily for ya'll none lol always wanted to learn the piano tho, but can't carry a tune in a bucket lol

Job title: CD Therapist :)

Kids: Uhhh does my furry baby count? lol

Live: CNY, snow capital, NY {and no not the city, there is more to the state that just NYC but it's not nearly as cool lol}

Mother’s name: Mammy, mama, mommy, mother oh and other's call her Sally or Aunt Salt{ine}

Nicknames: Meesh, Migs, Mich {Mick}, Chula, Chelle, Sister, PPP {pretty pretty princess}, monkey 

Overnight hospital stays: No thank God {petrified of hospitals, but I work for one lol go figure!}

Pet peeves: Alarm clocks, smacking, slurping, rudeness, derogatory comments {wow I sound like a snob lol}

Quote from a movie: F.U.B.A.R {Saving Private Ryan}

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: Older brother and baby sister 

Underwear: Yes :)

Vegetable you hate: peppers

What makes you run late: My issue with alarm clocks, the warmth of the bed, my furry baby and really I don't wake up till 11am {ish :)}

X-Rays you’ve had: chest, shoulder, ribs {getting sick, car accident and broke a rib...but still not sure how!}

Yummy food that you make: Breaded chicken and I can broil a mean steak {but keep me away from a grill or any open fire really}

Zoo animal: I am a monkey girl all the way!! But I also love me some penguins and lions and hippos and alligators oohh and wait you said one didn't you? Ehh :)

What's your AtoZ?

{Picture taken as my husband tells me "act like you are surfing!" my response "what the hell?!"}
Meesh :) 


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