I need that Cameo from Silhouette!

So idk about you, but I am absolutely obsessed with Silhouette.

In particular the cameo...

And today one of my all-time fav (and first found blogs) has one to give away!!
I can not even believe my eyes!

So not only is her blog amazing, she has this amazing opportunity for you!!

Want to see some of the super fab things you can make with the Silhouette Cameo?

My favorite advent calendar, classic and beautiful!! I love this machine!! :)

Chalkboard Vinyl... need I say more? 
Fabulous scrapbooking idea! :)
Adorable wall decor for a baby's room <3

Just to give you some ideas of what it can do!! Check out their website, LMM's website and Pinterest for more great info!!

Still hoping and wishing it would be me who wins haha

-Meesh :)


Shanda said…
Thanks for the wonderful idea. I'm going to check it out now. I've been hopping around and am not even sure how I ended up here!!
Meesh said…
You are welcome and I am so glad you ended up here!
Good luck!! :)
-Meesh :)

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