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Health 2018.1 & .2

I want to start today's post by saying HAPPY{belated} BIRTHDAY to my father! We celebrated by going home and doing dinner and gift giving! It was such a fun weekend as always and I am so glad I get the opportunity every year to celebrate another year with him!

If you recall my goals post for 2018, I identified I wanted to get back to working out 6 -7 days a week.

This may seem crazy or like a lofty goal, however summer 2015 I was doing just that!

I had started and I think began repeating Buff Dudes 12 week program. I was seeing results and I was loving it. The workouts were fun, challenging and despite the name did not make me "buff" lol.

Unfortunately, Fall 2015 hit and my typical winter blues set in, so I slowly got away from taking care of me. Ironically that is where my 2017 mission of self care came in to play. I realized something had to give.

I started by doing more for myself and by working towards not feeling guilty for taking care of myself. It was tough and is…

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