What I read - "Hansel and Gretel"


As part of my goal to try and find more balance, I decided to start reading easy books just for fun again.

For the first book I recently picked up read here, today we are talking about a twist on a fairy tale.

Any of you ever read or hear of Hansel and Gretel? Recently my sister and I found a book called "The True Story of Hansel and Gretel" a novel of war and survival.

I don't know if I have ever shared this with you all, but way back in middle school I took a great interest in WW2 and all the books I could get my hands on that were stories of people's survival. I didn't care if they were fiction or not and I still don't. I just wanted to read as much about that time as possible. I still love to read and learn about this time, for me it is about never forgetting where we have been and how easy it is to get back there.

So when we saw this book, it was given we needed to buy it. First let me say while I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is definitely not a book you want your kid to read. Perhaps 16+?

The book follows 2 siblings Hansel and Gretel through their journey of surviving in Poland at the end of WW2. You follow along as they struggle and come so close to their happiness multiple times.

It is not a story with a generic happy ending, which I guess is fitting as the original Hansel and Gretel didn't end in a traditional happy or happily ever after way.

This story was one I enjoyed as you get sucked into a reality of our world's history, this aspect I appreciate. However you also get sucked into the ugly side of it, this book does not shy away from pain, inhumane treatment and death.

After reading this book I was left feeling vulnerable and remembering how easy it is to not only forget, but push aside what humans are capable of. It is easy to imagine that you will never see something like that part of our history again, but then again nobody thought that it was possible then.

It is a chilling reminder that we are only human at the end of the day and will do what is necessary to survive for ourselves and those that we love.

A good read even if it left me feeling some kind of way.



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