Self Love

The phrase self love will mean something different to everyone.

To me self love is about learning to find balance in taking care of myself, make "me" a priority and still give plenty of time and effort to the other areas of my life.

I spend a good chunk of my time on here talking about becoming a better you and doing things that make you happy etc. But one area I ignore and don't give enough attention to is - putting yourself first.

My husband gets so mad at me because I will put everything and everyone first ahead of myself, not to say I am selfless. I bitch and moan that I want to do things for me, but I just don't do them.

Finding balance is something I have always struggled with. I am a feast or famine kind of girl. I either hyper focus on things or ignore them completely as today's post showcases.

The reality is - personally I can always justify why taking care of other stuff first is more important than me. But then I end up feeling shittier for that. I end up frustrated that there isn't enough time for ME. Reality is I make myself frustrated! If I don't make that time though, who is going to?

Nobody else can make me a priority like I can, so I have decided to share some things I enjoy doing for me in the hopes it will remind me to strive for balance.

One of my favorite things I can do for me is reading. I am a total booknerd as evidenced by this post - I love to read and escape reality.

Recently I started reading short, easy books just to read and I remembered how much I love it.

Step 1 in taking care of me accomplished.

Some of the other things I can do for me are - spending time in my craft room. I love creating and making things in that room so getting back there is always a way to recenter myself.

Spending time right here on this blog makes me feel more centered as well. This little blog of mine has always been a place for me to just be me and I recently wrote about that journey as well.

The last thing I can do for me and one of the hardest is spending money on myself. Over the years I have gone from a love to shop and hoard shit I don't need, to a cheapo.

I am not talking about buying clothes and things, I am talking about getting a haircut or my eyebrows done. Spending time, money and effort on me.

This has always been an area that I struggle to justify spending money and would love to work on recognizing it is okay to take care of me.

So here is to my goal of putting me first and continuing my journey towards a healthier, happier and better Meesh. Every month I am going to try and make me a priority in a new way. Reading is going to be the first on my list mainly because I know I am capable of doing that one and have already started.

We shall see where this newest goal leads me.



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