A Blog's Evolution

Recently someone I knew and was kind of friends with in college relaunched her fashion blog. This got me thinking - what kind of blog do I have? So I did what anyone would do - I googled. I tried to see if I am a "lifestyle blogger" - that is the closest one I will ever get to I think.

As I look back on the posts I have written over the last 6 years I realize my blog evolves as I evolve. Depending on where I am in my life, my newest adventure/"passion" or interest is what you end up seeing on the blog.

This "S" has evolved with me and is the best example I can give of where I have come and where I am going. 

There was my phase of do what all the other bloggers do - giveaways, routine posts each week, month etc. Those were fun at the time because it gave me something to just write about. 

Then I was hog wild on my crafting/DIY/create a handmade business phase. This resulted in a lot of pictures and probably unnecessary "how to" tutorials. But once again I loved this phase.

I also had my take a million pictures because I have zero memory phase. This is probably the phase I miss the most because I used to take pics of everything, but I have gotten away from it. I love looking back on my life in pictures and kinda want to return to this.

Then there was my  all about who I am, where I come from and getting to know me phase. This resulted in sharing moments of my life that are important, make me the person I am - ya know the random stories of our lives.

I have also thrown in the decor/house/update posts which tends to come and go as far as phases are concerned. 

And now we move on to my most recent phase - sharing about self care, wellbeing, becoming a better you phase. Obviously this is one of my favorite phases - mostly because I am in the middle of it and still enjoying writing about it haha.

The "S" got transformed to a new use as a Christmas card holder. It changed as my taste, style and needs changed. 

So after looking back on my own blog, researching what kind of blog I have and sitting back and thinking - I realized it doesn't matter. I have my little space in the blogging world because I enjoy it.

As I look back over old posts there are plenty that make me want to cringe and delete them. But I realized it won't delete who I was at that moment. Even the silliest, most embarrassing posts are indicators of where I was at that point of my life.

I want to think I am a unique butterfly in this world, but reality is I am merely searching for who I am. My search has led me to a lot of things I am not and slowly recognizing what I am capable of. 

This little space of mine gives me a place to share where my mind is at, what I love or hate at the moment and what makes me, well me. I never want to lose site of any of that!

And now the "S" is getting adapted to my newest whim. Once again it is moving with me. Who knows what this "S" will become over time?

And I realized that I never want to be pigeonholed into only doing and sharing and learning about one thing. I want to always try something different whether it be baking, decorating, cooking, fashion or whatever tickles my fancy.

Writing provides me with that ability to learn new things and share about that experience. At the end of the day my blog is a journey and one I love to share with others.

I still don't know what kind of blog I have, but I do know I am going to continue enjoying it for as long as I am able to.

Happy writing friends.



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