Getting Through The Winter Blues

As a follow up post to my Winter Blues, I figured I would include what I ended up doing that same day I wrote that post.

Despite knowing better, I tend to keep my feelings, emotions, thoughts to myself.

I do not share until it is pretty bad and so when I do, I usually end up recognizing that it would be better to act vs. wait for the "right time." 

So after writing that initial post, I talked to #babysisterbestfriend and by doing so realized I had to make a change or stay stuck in my funk.

We came up with a game plan in the car on the way to putz. We decided to push one another to stop eating crap (again), eat healthier overall and pick a workout plan.

We figured, what the hell? We were headed to a plaza that has a DSW and a Shoe Carnival in it, why not look for clearance or cheap sneaks for running?

Lo and behold - we both ended up with clearance running sneakers for $17 each! Tell me that was not meant to be?

So the 2 of us decided to get our asses back in gear.

We actually found a delicious salad from Sam's Club too, just throwing that out there.

It is their Sweet Kale Chopped Salad and we are all huge fans. The we being #babysisterbestfriend , the husband and myself. 

So all of that to say in the end that I am glad I wrote it out because it pushed me to come face to face with my reality. I was allowing myself to stay stuck and once I shared it, I was able to see past my own nose and come up with a plan. I had to ask for help, but that is okay. I will be better for it in the end.

What obstacles in your life do you need to get out of your own way to fix?



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