Shut the pie hole, open the ears

Communication - it is a word we all know and understand, but are we good at it? Personally I love to talk and share info. That might explain this blog and my venture into freelance writing. One small problem, while I love to hear myself talk, not everyone does. This is not a new problem, I have always struggled slightly to control my urge to just blurt things out. I get super excited to share what I know and forget sometimes that conversations are a 2-way road. 

While I know the ins and outs of being a good communicator I struggle to remember in the moment. While talking is obviously a huge part of this process, so is listening. I mean active listening - that thing you do when you actually HEAR what people are saying to you. The act of being engaged in the moment, not worrying about what to say next, not coming up with the perfect response and missing out on what is being said to you. 

Now we are at the root of MY problem. I am a great talker, kinda a shitty listener. Now this is slightly scary when you realize I am a counselor. Thank the Lord when I am at work it is an automatic to turn on my "listening ears" and shut up. However in real life I completely forget that mentality.

I am assuming by writing this that I am not alone in this. There are probably other people out there that struggle with balancing listening and talking. Once again, like so many things I share on here - it is about growth, learning and balance. Never stop believing you need to grow. There is always something to learn. Balance your need to be heard and validated with other people's need to share with you.

I am hoping by putting this down in words I will be reminded to sit back and relax and become a better communicator. I never want to be the person who nobody wants to get stuck talking to because they won't shut up. I want to be the person people enjoy conversing with. I will continue to embrace who I am because it makes me, but I won't pretend I am perfect and without room for growth and progress. 

So moral of today's story: More hearing, less talking. 

Are you a talker? Are you a listener? Are the balanced person I want to become? Whichever one you are - embrace you and continue to grow and learn.



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