Freelance Update

In case you are new around here I shared about my desire to do more a while ago.

Today I want to share an update on how it has been going since I decided to try my hand at it.

Week 1: I created my account and did my profile, stopped there until week 2.

Week 2: I bid on 4 jobs the first day - 24 hours later heard nothing from any of them.
Day 2 - I bid on another 8 jobs for 12 total - 24 hours later heard nothing from any of them.
Day 3 - I heard from 1 of the 12 jobs! They wanted to know my price for 30 articles/month. I don't know if I bid too high but I merely followed the .01-.02 per word quote. Another job declined my bid - I was grateful they informed me I wasn't chosen. I then bid on another 3 jobs for a total of 14.
Day 4 - I was offered 1 job and am currently being interviewed for 2 more, 1 of which is the job mentioned for Day 3. My first job was only for $5 but I figure it is a move in the right direction - or at least I hope so.
Day 5 - I did the article for my 1st job and am waiting on review and payment.
Day 6 - I bid on 2 more jobs for the same person - I now have 13 bids in, 2 in interview and 1 completed. Not too shabby for 2 weeks in.

Week 3: Well in true Meesh fashion I forgot to keep a running update! However, what I can say is there is progress!

Right now I have an ongoing contract writing 5 articles per week for a client and just completed week 5 with them! This means I hit a milestone with UpWork and their fee has halved. One job I did was just not for me, the client was super nice and easy to work with. Unfortunately, I for some reason was not 100% comfortable with his style he needed the articles written in and did not feel I could provide him with quality work so I canceled that contract. He was great about it and gave me a positive review for the work I did do for him.

I have been consistently bidding on 10 or so jobs a week until I run out of "connects" to bid with. I have written 2 articles for the same client and those were $5 ones. They were easy and allows me to put something on my portfolio.

This is going to be an ongoing, long term goal for me and so far it is paying off and I am happy to say that. I will share another post next week on what has worked for me so far, but today is just for an update.

So there ya have it, I tried something completely outside of my comfort zone and I have not failed. I finally did what I always wanted to do, rather than doing what I thought I should do. I still love my DIY, handmade stuff and recently even made a sign for a friend's wedding. However, I have accepted that will never be my retirement plan ha ha, it will always be a side hobby/job.

However this, this writing thing could one day lead to something and that excites me and makes me want to work for it so much more. Have any of you gone outside that comfort zone and tried something you were afraid to? How did it go?

I hope to have another update soon sharing my goals when I started this and how far I have gotten on them so far.



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