Journey to Healthy Part 1

Just for fun I decided to look up how many posts I have already written with similar titles and the grand total was only 3 so I was actually quite surprised. Evidently all the posts I assumed I had written on this topic never happened. I suppose that is a good thing at the end of the day. Well today I have a bit different story from the last few posts I shared on health.

Today I want to share my journey with you on how I began to discover my healthy. Let's get some things out of the way first - yes I tried to do this the wrong way every single time, My story probably sounds like a million other people's stories and I think that is because at the end of the day there is a foolproof way to get healthy and lose weight for most of us. If you are looking for a quick fix, a detox tea, supplements etc or any of that kind of stuff - you won't find it here. I apologize ahead of time but you have been warned before you keep on reading.

So no fix, no cure, no magic solution - what the hell does that leave us? The old fashioned way - eating better (less and healthier), exercising, tease out what was not working and pushing forward every single freaking day. I ended up doing what ever article and blog post I mocked said to do - set realistic goals, allowed myself some leeway with not cutting anything out completely, stopped expecting quit results, portion control (that is an entire post in and of itself), working out and patience - holy shit the amount of patience.

Prior to sitting down and writing this post I wanted to think that my story was different and I didn't have some "aha" moment everyone always talks about. Yeah well I was lying to myself - I had the damn moment just like everyone does. Now while I had my moment is still took me quite a few weeks from that point to actually begin making changes. My aha moment was getting my A1C test done for insurance. Now my results were fine but the mere idea that my family history of diabetes could actually finally catch up to me scared the living daylights out of me.

This was my aha moment where I realized what I was potentially doing to my body and how I was only making matters worse. I am aware that I eating better and losing weight won't guarantee me anything but I figured at this point it can only help me today and in the future.

The freak out moment I had when I realized I could be facing a life changing diagnosis is what finally pushed me to make the moves I needed to for my life. At work we talk a lot about hitting a "brick wall" and that being the catalyst for change and I never thought about this lesson applying to my own life until now. My brick wall was that damn test and that fear I felt with how my life could change. I decided to do what I could while I could. I started by looking at what I was doing and not doing.

While I had made some "progress" it wasn't enough. I was still eating a lot of shit - processed foods, sugary junk, candy, cookies; working out wasn't even on the radar with the exception of a few walks with the dogs every once in a blue moon and I was still drinking in so many of my calories. So I created a plan that I will share with you another day.

Part 2 Here



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