Dream Craft Room Update - Shelfie

So if you recall from this post a few weeks ago I wanted to start working on my craft room.

One of the items I was after was a nice white bookshelf which would serve a dual purpose of holding books - duh - and some storage. 

I kept finding really nice, perfect size ones on craigslist but none of them would fit in my car already put together haha.

So on to Plan B - convince the husband I needed a new shelf.

And here is where today's post enters... introducing my #shelfie using my new bookshelf from Target.

I used some of the tips from Laurel & Wolf below and created my shelf. 

If you haven't heard of Laurel & Wolf before, they offer online interior design and decorating.

They work with you from start to finish to create your perfect space. 
I looked at the items I owned that meant a lot to me and I wanted displayed and just started putting them on the shelf.

I didn't so much choose a color but rather a theme of our lives together.

My "art" is really all of my keepsakes over the years that mean something to me and a few subtle touches.

I am an avid reader and having my books where I can easily access them but they also play in to the decor works for me.

Lastly I didn't want this shelf to look staged or be an area where I never touched anything because that is not how my world works.

This shelf fits perfectly between my closet and the door to this room.

I spent an exuberant amount of time searching for the exact size I would need. 

It stores some of my (many) books I own and more than likely I will update it once I unpack the rest of my books.

Each Item I used to decorate holds a special place to me and adds to the overall feel of this little space in my craft room. 

These DisneyWorld Mickey ears were a prize we won when we went to Disney back in 2008 when we got engaged

We won a cabana at one of the waterparks and this was one of the items they gifted us.

The 2 candles are from my sister for my birthday and both are fun summer smells - Tiki Mango Mai Tai and Pineapple Mango. 

We have gone to DisneyWorld 3 times now and every time we go I get myself a new souvenir and Eeyore has always been one of my favorite Disney characters so he is a memory of my past trips.

This little section holds our cake topper from our wedding, a gift from a friend and my tiki man from Hawaii

This Cinderella Slipper is engraved with our names, Happily Ever After and the date we got engaged.

It held my engagement ring when it was brought to our table and the (now) husband proposed. 

I had to add a picture from our wedding to complete the theme, right?

This is the basket that sits on top of the shelf and it holds all of my ribbons, twines, half finished ribbon projects -- you know the normal stuff. 

A close up of the sign one of my girlfriends gave each of us girls in our group of friends.

It holds so true for us it is kind of scary. 

These 2 lovebirds served as our cake topper for our wedding and a friend from high school was nice enough to crochet them by hand for us.

The poor Mrs. Bird has lost one of her eyes over the years unfortunately, I need a replacement eye.

Lastly we have Tiki Man.

Ever since I watched the Brady Bunch Movie where they end up in Hawaii and tell this tale of the tiki man I needed one.

I walked to every hotel and gift shop within a mile of our hotel when we were there looking for the perfect tiki man to add to my collection of knick knacks. 

I would love to hear your opinions on my #shelfie and if anyone is willing to share their #shelfie that would be awesome.

Thanks to Laurel & Wolf for their tips and given me the idea to search out #shelifes on instagram.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Happy almost FriYAY friends!



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