Life Lately

If you read this post you know just a few months ago I changed jobs, we moved almost a year ago and I was just starting to get adjusted to our new world.

Haha shoulda known better!

My job I started in February was and is a good job.

I enjoyed it and my co workers were ridiculously amazing, as was my boss.

When we moved I began applying to the only agency in our new area that has drug and alcohol counseling and had openings.

I applied I believe 5-6 times getting nowhere each and every single time.

I tried one last attempt and was given an opportunity.

I was offered the job but due to paperwork, background checks etc I sat on it for a while before I was given an official offer and start date.

I felt like the biggest piece of crap going in to my boss's office to tell her I was putting in my 2 week notice 2 months after having started the job.

She could not have been kinder about it honestly.

She was not mad but rather happy for me and the entire team wished me well on my new journey.

It was a good feeling but also very sad as I enjoyed my time there.

I never imagined I would be that person but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

So far I have loved the transition and it has been well worth going through the last 6 weeks as the newbie... again.

It feels like home now and I look forward to this newest challenge.

I never thought my passion would be in drug and alcohol counseling trust me.

But for whatever crazy reason it is where I feel I belong.

I am one step closer to my CASAC and hopefully will be working towards my license this summer.

Things are going in the right direction... I think.

And on to the summer... Let's see what it brings!



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