Changing up the floors

So when we first moved in to our new house we had a medley of floors on the first floor.  You walked in to a tiled foyer and then there was the hardwood floors to your left in the dining room.  This led in to our kitchen with matching tiles to the foyer and led around to the living room with carpet which matched the office and hoighty toighty room and finally there was linoleum in the bathroom.


Dining Room

 Hoighty Toighty Room (AKA formal living room)


Living Room


Wow if you didn't get all that we had tile, linoleum, hardwoods and carpet all on the first floor.  The husband got the brilliant idea to redo almost all if it with hardwood floors (the kitchen remains tiled) and I was totally on board.

I don't know about any of you but I hate vacuuming and I hate carpet that I know other people have lived on.  I know it sounds petty but it weirds me out to know how many feet, dirty clothes, pets, urine, stains, spills, water, etc have probably been all up on the carpets.  So getting rid of the carpet and putting down hardwoods was a great solution to me.

I know for many people it shows too much dirt, dust, scuffs etc but it is so much better than all the nasty dust and dirty and hair that always collects in carpet no matter what you do.

We went to Lumber Liquidators - which we honestly had some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.  The guys there were awesome and walked us through the different flooring types, let us take home a ridiculous amount of samples, answered all of our questions and were just friendly.

We picked out our original flooring which was a dark stained hand scraped very rustic feeling wide planked floor.  We placed our order and hurry up and waited... and waited and waited.  Turns out our dream floors would not be in in time to adjust to the house and then be put in.

The original floors we had picked out I believe or at least very similar to this

Back to the drawing board where we ended up with *drum roll please* gorgeous gray flooring!!  Yes you read that correctly we have grey floors!! Let me tell you how much I love these floors!  I have a weird obsession with varying shades of grey and try to make everything grey - walls, furniture, decor, floors lol

The gray hardwoods we ended up with

When the husband was on board too I could not have been happier!  We ordered them, got them in to the house, let them sit and adjust and began ripping up the rooms we needed to.

We took a sledgehammer and a crowbar to the tile floor and cement board in the foyer.

Foyer tile being demolished

All in a day's work

We used only the crowbar for the hardwood floors in the dining room and we got all of it up.  The side closest to the windows was easier due to how the floor boards were nailed in.  On that side we were ripping up with the nail I guess and on the opposite side we were going against the nail if that makes sense.  The husband handled most of the more difficult side and I tackled most of the window side.

The dining room mid destruction

Dining room - slowly but surely

It took the better part of an entire weekend to make it happen but we did it!

Well since there are a thousand pics and words in today's post I will save the reveal for the next post which will be on Friday so not too long of a wait.

Some things we realized along the way (the husband probably knew all these, I did not):

- it will take more time than you anticipate to rip up the old flooring so make sure you are ready for it
- get large industrial bags from Home Depot or Lowes but they fill up fast so have plenty of them handy
- wear gloves and good shoes (I know obvious but for newbies like me I never think of those details)
- Have goggles - tile chips and flies very far, nails come popping out of the ground, pieces of flooring, wood ricochet off of walls etc and you don't want to be caught off guard
- It will get dusty when you rip up the tile and cement board so either cover stuff up or be prepared to dust and vacuum pretty much everything
- Watch your head if you keep the light fixture hanging in a room (we eventually took ours down) or you will smack your head
- Pull up your baseboards before you rip up the flooring (cut along the caulk line on top - where baseboard and wall meet, gently wedge in between wall and baseboard, once there is a gap use your crowbar to pull it the rest of the way)
- Take your time - unless you are very skilled (I am not) this is not going to be a quick project and getting up all the bits and pieces and evening out the floor etc will take time

And don't forget to check out #theshafhouse on IG and twitter for a sneak peak!

What projects have you been working on?


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