Home ownership

The best part about our new house so far has been decorating it!

Our last house was our starter house and we were very limited in what we wanted to do and could do to decorate it, paint it etc.

The day we moved out... 

Our first house was a townhouse and the layout was a giant "open floor plan" for the main living floor and 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom squeezed in upstairs.

The living room side

The main floor was painted one generic color - you know the eggshell of every one's life.

The kitchen/dining room side

The upstairs was basically the same with my craft room and our spare bedroom having a bit more life.

So when we opted to move I could not have been more excited to have an blank slate to spruce up Meesh style!

And we have begun that process.

When we moved in to our new home here is what the kitchen and living room looked like...

Half of the kitchen was this pale pink and the other half was...

The color I have named terra-cotta whether that is correct or not and that color bled right in to the living room as demonstrated below

That would also be a sleeping Raj and we rearranged the furniture since this pic we purchased a new couch since then and put down new hardwood floors throughout almost the entire first floor.
Post on that soon!

Well one weekend we finally decided to put the paint that we had purchased back in June to use and spruce these rooms up since we spend probably 75-90% of our time in these two rooms haha and here is the after

Sherwin Williams Paint - your can not tell as well in this pic but it is a really light gray color

The comparison of the old and new and also the newly painted white garage door that was all busted up before

Sherwin Williams "Retreat" 
And just in case you forgot how hideous the original color was. 

I have to say when we first started painting we were not sure what on earth we had gotten ourselves in to cause the "retreat" color was soo dark when wet lol but dried to this gorgeous gray greenish color that blends very well with our light gray.

Hopefully I will have more to share in the upcoming weeks including new hardwood floors in the entire first floor!  Decor and more updates to rooms etc.



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