I love food - I wrote a little bit about my love and probably slightly unhealthy relationship with food before and I think that part of me will always be a work in progress.

But one thing I didn't mention in that post is also my love and appreciation for food and baking and enjoying the joy food can and does bring to people.

Growing up I was lucky enough to have both of my parents be amazing cooks and they still are today.

My mother can bake like nobody's business and my father an replicate a meal just by seeing it.

We grew up on home cooked meals 75-90% of them and on the rare occasion we didn't have home cooking it was a treat so to speak ironically enough.

For years I never thought I was a cook or able to cook but slowly I have come to realize I learned a lot from just watching my parents in the kitchen and once I realized I needed to learn how to do those things I said to my parents and for the first time in almost 30 years they actually let me help more than just the occasional "peel the garlic" "get me the flour" "butter the baking dish" etc.

One of the defining moments for me happened last year when my father was staying with us and for the first time I served him homemade sauce.  This may sound stupid but my father is a critic and he is not mean but I was so nervous to serve him food I made that I learned how to make from him.  Turns out he actually enjoyed my cooking and told my mother.  This meant the world to me and really encouraged me to push forward. 

I started out small just making recipes I was familiar with - with a recipe in hand despite the fact that we don't really have recipes in my family haha most things are done by taste and smell.

Eventually I branched out and started trying different things and mixing recipes up and now I love to make recipes off the top of my head!

Here are some of the things I cooked and baked since I was last here and eventually I would like to link up where I got the recipe/idea or if it was a family recipe and how it went when I made it, but until then here are some pics for you....

From scratch pancakes - which will be much easier with my griddle I got for Christmas!

Mug cookie so delicious!

From scratch funfetti cake with from scratch cream cheese frosting (my fav!)

From scratch carrot cake minus the nuts, raisins and cinnamon - ehh good but not the best 

Beet chocolate cake with from scratch whipped cream frosting with natural "food dye" for 4th of July

Jello Poke Cake for my bosses bday with homemade whip cream again

My own creation (shrimp version and chicken version) - Zoodles with chicken/shrimp and veggies

Another from scratch funfetti cake with overly whipped - whipped cream that turned in to a gritty texture so what did I do? Fed it to my new neighbors can't imagine why they don't talk to us anymore JK JK

Home made omelette - good stuff right here

Veggie sauce --- mmmm 

Turkey burgers my fav 

Toby's favorite side with everything sautéed peppers and onions

Quick homemade quac

Homemade mac and cheese - one of my fav recipes to tweak and make a bit different each time

Lemon chicken with asparagus

Homemade whoopee pies with traditional whoopee pie filling and pumpkin cream cheese filling

Easy hot cocoa recipe

From scratch marshmallows



Kate @ DCL said…
Jeeperz, I think you should come cook for me! These all look amazing lol

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