Another year come and gone and I decide to jump back on the blogging bandwagon... Figures.

2016 promises to be a good one I believe and that is only cause 2015 ended up building up to a crazy but awesome year

When 2015 rolled in last year I did not have great expectations of it considering the hubs would be working 4 hours away from home Sunday-Friday and only coming home for weekends for a undetermined period of time, we had some of the shittiest weather in CNY which resulted in ice, snow and chaos. (yes I know #firstworldproblems -- not proud to admit my pettiness and whining over every day life but hey it is reality...)

Well January rolled in with the normal chaos and then things got interesting.

We muddled through winter to find out the hubs got a job promotion and we were moving.

The move happened between April 1st and June 7th.  In that time we updated the last bits of our house, put it on the market, sold it, bought a new one, hired a moving truck/company, packed, moved -- all while he started working 1.5 hours south in our new soon to be home.

The kitchen in our townhouse before we sold it

It was a crazy few months.  During March and April my father lived with us instead of having to commute 2 hours himself for work each way and helped us out a ton.

I wrecked my car on the hub's 30th birthday -- I celebrate milestone birthdays big as I got in to a car accident on my own 21st birthday.

Throughout the year there were birthdays (we both turned 30 in 2015) family visits, home repairs/updates, moving, packing, I now commute 1.5 hours to work each way until I find a job closer to home.

Winter has set in again lol and we are looking at a new year of craziness.

When 2015 rolled in as I said I didn't have too many expectations but go figure we ended up in our dream house with the hubs in his dream job and things going pretty damn good right now.

So 2016 looks like it might be one hell of year.

What's 2016 gonna bring in for you?



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