2016 ... so far

Well if you read my 2016 post you saw that it was shaping up to be a great year right?  Right!

Shortly after I posted that telling you all about life lately I got a new job!!

My new job is exactly 14 miles from my house, this is 50+ miles closer than my other job.

Now that I am leaving my current job I feel like I can share what it is I did if I haven't already.  I never shared a ton about my job with the exception of this post and if it was cryptic I never meant for it to be but I was never really sure how much I could divulge for privacy purposes.

For the last almost 5 years I worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for a hospital and I love(d) my job.  I fell in to it by accident and ended up falling in love with the work I got to do.  While at the job I was given the opportunity to work in multiple areas and with multiple populations and in multiple positions so in other words my 5 years there gave me awesome experience and made me happy about 95% of the time.

I am leaving the drug and alcohol world to return to the world I began in - developmental disabilities.  When I was in grad school I was positive I would end up working with children who had autism and was so excited.  But unfortunately it never really panned out that way - I moved back to CNY after grad school and started my first big kid job as a SW for a nursing home and knew right away it wasn't for me.  I kept looking for 1.5 years until the current job at the hospital popped up and I never left it nor had any a desire to.

I always told my co-workers that the only thing that would get me to leave was if we moved... shoulda been a bit more cautious with that phrase huh? lol

I say all of that to say I am starting a new job as of February 1st and I look forward to this switch up.  It will allow me to be home at a better hour, I get to work a true 8 hour day, I will not be traveling 3 hours round trip anymore and I get to focus my time on the last class I have to take to get my certification in chem dep I have been working on since April 2015.

I look forward to this new adventure and I will have a post up about my thoughts on actually leaving my job.  It was a bigger deal than I thought - spoiler.

What is new in everyone's world?



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