Eshakti -- review and discount

Hey y'all!!

Today I am sharing this adorable skirt I got from eshakti a few weeks ago!

 photo 0ed33eac-0baa-4ef3-af2f-da36b7a02c46_zps0626b4b4.jpg

The hubs calls this my umbrella skirt lol

I LOVE it!!

 photo 4adddb46-aebd-47c6-ad03-1372df877714_zps3f28f771.jpg

It fits me so nicely and I love the way it feels on!'

 photo cfb3c4ea-3236-49d1-af76-6d46a0971b3a_zps7c4da41b.jpg

Now IDK about you, but I love nothing more than being able to twirl in a skirt and guess what??

This skirt is perfect for twirling!!

 photo 94b88c2b-a4aa-4b40-90e4-16c50cf7a5fb_zps7fde6627.jpg

So why eshatki?

Well I am glad you asked!!

You can customize length, pockets, material/color and it is made to fit your height and size!!

I should have gotten mine a bit shorter since I am so short but other than that it was perfect.

How could you possibly go wrong with that?!

It was easy to order and they sent a confirmation upon it shipping.

I got my skirt in a timely manner and it was wrapped nice and safely!

I would def. order again!!

Even Nala approves!

 photo c9600259-501f-4e78-9c42-a77b5ffe1a37_zps20fca5c6.jpg
So as a treat for you eshatki gave me a code for you: fimes will get you 10% off your item!!

It is valid through the 9th - I know not a ton of time forgive me it has taken me a bit to get this up!!

But if you can GO TAKE ADVANTAGE!

Totally worth it -- here are some options if you can't decide: here, this one - seriously so cute, I love anchors, obviously

FYI:  I received this item in exchange for my personal opinion and review.  All opinions are my own based on my experience with the company and item.  

-Meesh :)


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