Life is about perspective

So if you read this post or this post I have talked about why I blogged and started blogging a few different times.

Well today as I was driving home I looked up and realized the sky was half cloudy and kinda dark and half that beautiful brilliant light blue that you just can't help but be amazed at and I realized I am starting to understand why I started this blog….

I started this blog to "find" myself and my meaning in life - well I have {God willing} another 50-60 years ahead of me and I think I am going to be figuring this out for a long time!  But on the other hand I am beginning to push myself to truly discover why I am trying to find myself.

One meaning is to live by what I hope becomes my motto more and more in life - "Life is about perspective."  It is so simple and I tend to try and fall back on this {not nearly enough} and today that drive kind of drove this home {pun intended lol}.  I realized looking at the sky it was either beautiful or gloomy and dark - you had to choose how you viewed it!  Today I chose to view the beauty!!  And I thank God that I did!

So I guess to get to the point - I am starting to find myself.

I am realizing it won't just happen but slowly I am becoming the person I want to be.

I am understanding I have to actually work for what i want and make the changes necessary to be the big kid I always dreamed of being haha

But I am an ongoing work in process and I am okay with that!

How do you choose to look at life?
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