So I know I disappeared…again…
Sorry I have that tendency :)

Things have been a bit crazy around here and I will explain to you why in a moment.

As today's title indicates the hubs and I recently reconnected.

Now I know what people are going to say "what kind of reconnecting do you need to do after only 2 years?"  "were things bad?"  "were you fighting"

And the answer is no we weren't fighting, no things were not bad, but over the last few weeks/months we have had crazy schedules and needed an opportunity to just be together.

See what I didn't tell y'all was the hubs spent 6/9 weeks between March-May in Canada helping to open new Target stores there.
 photo IMG_2302_zps85004dd1.jpg
The hubs waiting in queue for The Haunted Mansion :)

I spent all that time alone.

I am not good alone, it tends to bring me to an ugly place after about a week or two but that is a post for another day.

So upon his return we started talking about a vacation…now this is something we often throw around a lot but this time we truly decided to plan something!

Well between the time we decided to do something and actually going on that vacation there was a whirl wind of events.

My aunt/Godmother passed away, we tiled our floors, hubs had his birthday, we celebrated Peanut's 1st birthday and I visited home for Mother's Day among others.

So this vacation was much needed!
 photo IMG_2337_zps10b9d6fb.jpg
Styling in our glasses!

We decided to drive to Disney World - 20 hours roughly

We spent 4 days in Disney Parks just with each other.

We were completely separated from our reality for almost 9 days.

We drove straight for 20 hours through NY, PA, MD, DC, MD (again), VA, NC, SC, GA and finally FL!!
 photo IMG_2430_zps87c91df4.jpg
Our sunset during our drive!

We had an opportunity to just get away from everything and truly enjoy a vacation without any stipulations, without any expectations, without any alarm clocks, without any plans, without any agendas, at our own pace and with the only goal in mind - being with each other.

If you would have asked me even 6 months ago I would have told you I knew I would miss my hubs if he went away for work but wouldn't even notice, I would have told you that we were close and our next vacation would be jam packed and fun filled and crazy!
 photo IMG_2393_zps257ac570.jpg
A giraffe at Animal Kingdom

Ask me today - I will tell you that after a week I truly missed my hubs.  Not because I can't survive without him but rather because he is part of who I am.  He is my best friend and I love him.  Ask me now and I will tell you I will truly spend my time with him enjoying that time not trying to fill it with everything and anything possible.  I will appreciate the many blessings God has given me every single day as opposed to when I remember (okay I won't lie, this will probably take me years to figure out but I am sure as hell trying way harder!!)
 photo IMG_2329_zps8085da68.jpg
Hollywood Studios - Indiana Jones Show

So to answer my own questions - how do you need to reconnect after only 2 years?  Well it is easy to let life get in the way of well your life.  It is easy to take life, your husband, your blessings, family, friends and time among other things for granted.  It is easy to forget and put off til tomorrow.  So no things weren't bad in fact they have always been good, but now they are better than just good!
 photo IMG_2306_zps9bda9f0b.jpg
This vacation was truly a blessing in disguise and I am so grateful for it!!

Speaking of grateful if you don't follow me on instagram you should so you can see my newest endeavor …. #365daysofgratitude -- @findingmichelina

Have you ever had an experience that was a blessing in disguise?
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