Weekend Ramblings...

So this weekend I went home to go visit the fam.

I always love going home, I think no matter how old you are it always feels great to be with your mommy and dadd and baby sister!

It was a different weekend though cause normally I would go home on a weekend my mother has off, but rather this was a weekend when mom and Poo worked.

 photo b758728c9f1811e2affb22000aa8059e_7_zps9d835551.jpg
This picture basically sums up my weekend! 

So I spent my weekend sitting, eating, sleeping, eating, reading, eating, driving (4 hours total), eating, visiting, eating… well you get the picture!

It was honestly a great weekend I did not want to end :(

I just love the comfort of being in my home with my peeps you know?

The 4 hour round trip gives me an opportunity to think and reflect and spend time marveling in the beauty of my drive.

It was a weekend of actually seeing my daddy and spending time with him, sleeping in, not having one single plan!

It was a great get away from it all kind of weekend you know?

What was your weekend like?

Anything fun?

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