Food Baby….

Let's talk about food baby!
Let's talk about you in my belly!!
Let's talk about how good you taste and smell baby!!
Let's talk about food!!
Let's talk about food!!

Alright maybe this is the mantra in my head only but I have this weird relationship with food and I have been struggling with acknowledging it for a while but tonight it kinda hit me like a punch to the stomach.

You see I tend to be an emotional eater

Yeah I am THAT girl!

Food has always played a large role in my life!

Whether it was get together's being based on food, using food for comfort, using food for anger, using food to "pay" myself back for a rough day, good work the list could go on!

Food is just part of who I am and what I do.

And today I stayed home feeling like total crap and looking the part also but I had to run to the store cause I had no choice :( and as I sat at the light {mind you I wasn't even hungry!!} I was thinking hmmm… "maybe I will stop and get some dunkin oohhh or maybe some taco bell… yean that'll make me FEEL BETTER!! about my shitty day!"

And at about that point I realized - it won't make me feel better!!

As soon as I start eating the crap I then feel guilty about having consumed my daily worth of calories in 1 meal and then bitching cause I haven't lost weight!!

I realized food can't fix me or my problems!!

I need to accept the bad days along with the good because without the bad ones, it would be easy to forget and miss the good - beautiful - blessed ones!

Then I find a surprise when I get home from the hubs and I will share that with ya'll later on!!

I am curious am I the only one who has this food issue am I alone in this?
Does food become a crutch for you?

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