Weddings Galore (10/13/12)

So this summer if you remember form this post and this one too I had a few weddings to go to!!
I am gonna go backwards with these posts and share the most "recent one" lol being in October!!
So here are a few pics, I had to miss this chica's bridal shower as my family was in town (that post yet to come, trust me it will be worth it!)

Deep thinking Meesh... be afraid!!  BE VERY AFRAID!! ;) 
Yeah they named a restaurant after me... that is how I roll!
Oh yeah and I got the hubs to take a pic with me!! :)
 photo ShannonesWedding1_zps916b2134.jpg
The beautiful bride and handsome groom!
Seriously though how beautiful is this girl? 
 photo ShannonsWedding2_zpse9f645fa.jpg
The venue and decor
The bride and groom did much of the decor themselves
A beautiful fall-rustic themed wedding!
 photo ShannonsWedding3_zpsf19baba0.jpg
The happy couple cutting a rug hahaha I crack myself up!
The hubs and I {2 pics in 1 night!}
And the LeMoyners <3

It was a great night with great friends!!
I love a good wedding how about you?

 photo Meeshsignature_zps69c1e062.png


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