Two Years

Well today marks 2 years of wedded bliss!
That is right, 2 years ago 3/21/11 the hubs and I tied the knot in Vegas and then jet setted off to Hawaii and California for our honeymoon!!

These two years have been crazy and flown by!

In these two years we have traveled to Canada for our 1st anniversary, attended 3 of our friend's weddings, welcomed a new niece, found out about a new nephew, redid our floors, celebrated 2 more Christmases with our families, had multiple family gatherings and planned a family trip to North Carolina for this summer!!

We have had another wonderful married year!!

Happy 2 year anniversary!!
I love you!!

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Rachel said…
Happy two years!! My husband I just had our 2nd anniversary in December--and we still have yet to attend a friend's wedding! I wish the people we know would start getting married!
Angie said…
Happy Anniversary!

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