Negative Nellie

So... about my last post...
I realized I sounded like a total Negative Nellie!
And I am!
I am negative enough and I guess my previous post was really about not needing other people's unnecessary negativity.

Once again IK it isn't always butterflies and flippin' rainbows but when I can predict the nature of your posts before actually even skimming them... Come On!!

I am trying to be better about finding the silver lining in life...believe it or not it is easier said than done!

So I guess I want all of ya'll to understand that overall I try {key word here TRY!!} to be as good of a person as I can be!!

By no means as I perfect, by no means am I always a good person… just read through this blog and you will see how incredibly back and forth I am!!

I mean one day you will hear me bitch about other's stupidity etc and the next day I will be crying over a freaking puppy picture and tell you how inside I am a giant gentle cry baby lol

IDK if that makes me crazy or just human.

But I digressed again lol I just don't need other people's crying to bring me down or make me upset.

There is enough ugly in this world without the extra stuff… you know?

I just want to learn more and more how to focus on the good and I guess for me I am learning more and more that my little bloggy here is a perfect outlet for all my crazy and to look back and find my happy and blessings you know?

I look at it this way… if you don't want to click on my link and read my crap for that day well guess what?!  You don't have to!  So for me that is awesome!

If you don't want to read about my crap day or my whining you can ignore me and I Love that!!

That way IK whoever reads this reads it for 1 of 2 reasons - 1. They enjoy it and look forward 2. Ain't nothing better to do but I am better than nothing!

Either way I got ya here and I am happy!

So up above is how I want to continue working on how I view the world more often than not!
Am I going to lie and say that I won't still rant and bitch? NO! LOL I am honest I will fail and fail and fail again at this!

But I want to learn also how to keep trying!  I want to learn how to move forward and make it my mantra!!  I want to learn to be happy with what I have because I have so much to be grateful for!

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