Kayaking… what-what!

So this past August the hubs and I decided to try out Kayaking again!
We live near the Adirondack's and chose to go to Moose River - a little bit different than our first kayaking adventure...

Our first adventure was in Hawaii during our honeymoon almost 2 years ago!

 photo DSC02754_zps720eb333.jpg

So we decided to try one out closer to home and boy was it totally different lol :)
First of all did you know Hawaii is near an ocean?! lol so kayaking in a river {that was horribly low} was soooo different!!

But still so much fun!

 photo Kayak_zps80646a46.jpg

So first you get to hang out by the adorable tables and chairs waiting for your shuttle… and look at the outlet/inlet that you find our way back to at the end of your excursion.

Once the shuttle comes to pick you up, you get dropped off by a little bridge and get to set the pace for your own adventure.  We chose a tandem kayak so that it would be easy.

 photo Kayak2_zps8860ec7e.jpg

As you can see the water was very very low but we made the most of it!  We packed our own lunch and everything so that we could stop at one of these little beaches that are only there because the water was so low lol and eat our lunch.

After lunch eating we took our time for the rest of the trip…. there was the one really special point where you had to get out of the water and carry your kayak through the woods and to the next point because it was the "rapids" area but the water was low so it didn't exist then and it was a bunch of logs so we were screwed either way lol  Well the next fun part of this was that my flip flops I had tucked away in the kayak, there was only one flip flop left!  I had to walk through the damn woods without shoes on!  It sucked!!  I am still convinced that the hubs threw one out he alway hated those flip flops!! lol  I have still kept the one flip flop!

 photo IMG_0257_zps958e565f.jpg

While we were hanging out enjoying our lunch another group went by us… and that yellow thing floating behind them in the water was A RUBBER DUCKY!! LOL  it was the funniest thing ever!  They were having so much fun.

 photo IMG_0256_zpsbbdff6c2.jpg

And this was probably one of my favorite moments of that entire day… we sat there, eating our lunch, watching people kayak by us and just relaxed!  Last summer was SOOO crazy with all of the weddings, bridal showers, family visits, babes being born/visiting etc. that we did not have a ton of opportunities to just sit back and relax!

So this weekend was just awesome!

Now why am I sharing this in the middle of March?  Well with Spring teasing us these last 2 weeks, I found these pictures and realized I had never shared this with you so why not now!

This will remind me of what I have to look forward to!

I can not wait for this time of year again!!

What are you most looking forward to for Spring and Summer?
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