Grinds My Gears 2

Alright so round 2 of

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-- When people knock on the potty door when you are in there!  As if the lock popped out and the lights on and the freaking fan blowing does not tell you that SOMEONE IS IN HERE!  No it is necessary to for you to knock and ask if someone is in there! <-- Really grinds my gears!

-- Ladies who do not know how to sit in a dress!!  I am sorry but if you can't figure out how to cross your legs or not flash everyone the goods then damn it you shouldn't be wearing that in public!  <-- Really grinds my gears!

-- People's need for FB to be their outlet/therapist!!  Want to read more… here and here <-- Really grinds my gears!

-- Peeps who take themselves too seriously!  IT IS CALLED A JOKE!! LEARN HOW TO TAKE ONE!!  OH AND LAUGHING IT WON'T KILL YOU, PROMISE!! <-- Really grinds my gears!

-- Following my first GMG pattern - JUSTIN BIEBER!!  For like 2.5 seconds he was adorable, sweet and overall I liked him and then he went and ruined it!!  Why does he gotta become a LiLo train wreck in his own way?  Dude why can't 1 freaking celebrity stay some what normal?!  Is it inevitable that they will go crazy?  Whatevs at least I am sane… kinda… ehh up for debate I guess! :)

What is grinding your gears lately?
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