5 random facts - anniversary edition

So I am gonna share 5 random facts with y'all regarding my wedding/anniversary which was Thursday!

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1. We got married in Las Vegas which isn't the random fact but rather - I always planned to have a large Catholic mass with a big dress, every single family member and friend I have ever had or known lol and I had the exact opposite!! It was amazing!

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2. We spent our first anniversay in Niagara Falls and our 2nd in Toronto!  First year was planned this year it just happened lol we are planning and hoping for warmth next year :)

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3. It has been 2 years and I haven't changed my name yet - but I have started the paperwork and will be doing it when we get back home!  So yay it will be more than FB official soon lol

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4. Our anniversary honeymoon in Hawaii was a surprise to me, but a week before we left for Vegas I read a card from hubs co-worker {after asking cause I am notorious for ruining surprises lol} and she wrote "have fun in Hawaii!" Well I asked Poo and Poo laughed at me and said that hubs was messing with me, I believed her and was still surprised when we got to Hawaii lol

 photo image_zps1737cc7b.jpg5. My wedding dress was the 2nd dress I tried on, it was a sample off the rack, the only alteration was cutting off 6 inches from the bottom and I love it!!!

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So I am linking up over at and here's to you Mrs. Robinson so go… link up… read… ENJOY!!

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Rachel said…
You still haven't changed your name? I knew it would be a super annoying process so I just got it over with right away. I figured if I didn't, I'd never do it. And that's awesome that you found your dress so quickly!

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