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I always love those posts about what bloggers are watching, wearing, loving, eating, apping {yeah just made that up!  It is what apps you are using and chatting up!}, etc so I decided to share my current fav tv shows/movies!

I found this awesome show in 2011 and totally fell in love with it!
Once Upon A Time
Now don't get me wrong, I know it is ridiculous and the acting may not be totally and perfectly great but I love the concept!
I am a total Disney/Fairy Tale whore!
I love a good twist on the old classics!
It is my Sunday night guilty pleasure!
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Ok this is my trash showing...
I mean it is a crazy story about a fu**ed up family
But you look a bit closer it is some legit shit!
I mean this Fiona chick {who BTW is the lead character form PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!}
yeah just blew your mind didn't I?

Anywho Fiona gives up everything to take on the role of "mom" to all her siblings
The 2 brothers that appear to be the same age but aren't are all about family even with their own issues
The younger brother is a bit crazy and just kind of exists lol
Deb is a sweet child at heart who has not been broken by the ugly she has experienced
The baby's role isn't big yet
Then there is the dad... holy shit what a mess!
They take his character to the extreme!

So many twists and turns in this show, but at the end of the day it has family, friends, faith, crazy and just pure entertainment trashy style!

Another Sunday guilty pleasure!
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Ok The Walking Dead!
It is a sick, twisted, horror sci fi, post apocalyptic show that keeps me up at night!
But holy crap I love the story!
I mean it shows humanity at it's "finest" -- you take out standing order and how long does it take before we totally give in to our natural "survival of the fittest" mode and do what we gotta do for numero uno?
Good show for the soul -- let's just forget that it is based on Zombies K?

And then these are old school shows that I just <3 and watch over and over again!

Source: google.com via Magen on Pinterest

Seriously who doesn't love Reba?  Her sass!  Her red hair!  Her BFF Barbara Jean! Haha classic show! 

Another classic - the hair, the clothes, the craziness shenanigans!  Oh Full House I <3 you!

Oh the Nanny!  "Mr. Sheeffffield!!" "Haha!"  I am obsessed with this show!  But only the newer ones!

As for current movie obsessions:
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, The Hunger Games and my rekindled love for LMN haha

One day I gotta tell you all about my closet reality show watching haha

So do share what are you watching these days?

Anything I missed that I should be caught up on?
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