Phone Call

So the other night I am just hanging out minding my own busieness when my phone rings.

I am one of those people who has a landline cause well it came with the cable/internet/phone package and it was cheaper to get it than not lol

So there are about 10 people that know our house number including my parents and siblings and the hubs parents and siblings and that is where it ends

Therefore {cause I have used the word so too many times already in this post!} when the house phone rings it can only mean one of two things -- emergency or telemarketers

Well this time it was neither!!

Here is how the convo goes:

Me:  Hello

Dude on the phone:  Hello?

Me:  Hello?!

Dude:  Who did I call?

Me:  Who were you trying to call?

Dude:  Some name

Me: Nope not us.

Dude:  So what number did I call?

Me:  What number were you trying to call?

Dude:  555-5555

Me:  Nope

Dude:  Oh wrong number bye.

Like really!
If I said some name didn't live here why keep asking and like I am gonna just give you all my info!

It reminds me of the calls we used to get when we first got our land line:

Me:  Hello

People:  May I speak to dude?

Me:  He no longer lives at this number {yes that is what I have said on multiple occasions, unfortunately more times than not!

People: Well do you know where he is?

Me:  No sorry I don't!

Then I normally get hung up on!
Seriously why would I know where the hell the person who used to have my phone number is?!

All I can say is that this dude really left some people high and dry and the phone calls kept coming for like 2 years!

I mean bill collectors out the wazoo!

Haha anywho so what's the weirdest phone convo you have had?
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Rachel said…
haha--wrong number conversations are often pretty awkward. I don't really like talking on the phone. My Mom has a famous story from my childhood of answering a phone without waiting to see who it was, and immediately started chewing out my Dad because he was late to pick us up and hadn't called her till now and....she was really mad. And then it turned out it was my uncle on the phone and not my Dad and my uncle was cracking up!

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