How to warm up a chair

So forever ago I came up with a wonderful way to warm up a chair!

First I have to share with you how my amazing secret got out though!

It makes the entire story and experience worth while, promise!

So at my job I get the joy of working with lots of people from different career backgrounds including our psychiatrist.

He's great, good sense of humor, doesn't take himself too seriously, jokes with us minions you know pretty down to earth.

Well here is how a convo went down between us: {WARNING INAPPROPRIATE STUFF AHEAD!}

Doc: Michelina give me your chair, I need to make a phone call. {half joking/half actually asking}

Me: I see how it is doc, just take my chair! {jokingly}

Doc: let's see how it is... oh the seat is nice and warm {not knowing he just gave me my ammo to make a horribly gross and inappropriate comment!}

Me: That's cause I farted on it!!! {evil laughter then followed}

Doc: That's not lady like! {while laughing at me mid phone call}

Me: Nobody ever said I was lady like or classy and if they did... they were lying!

And that my friends is how you warm up a chair!

Bet you are jealous you didn't think of it before me huh?

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