Hello, I am a closet reality TV junkie

So IDK about you, but I love me some reality TV.

I have a tendency to go through spurts where I will love the newest show that I found

Normally they are shows that everyone else has been watching and I just caught on haha

So lets see...

I have gone through in no particular order: 
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Mob Wives
Jersey Shore
Teen Moms
True Life
Every Kardashian Spin Off
Real Housewives of whatever it is that week
Sister Wives
The Duggars
Jon and Kate plus 8
Here Comes Honey BooBoo
Toddlers and Tiaras
Say Yes to The Dress
Alaska something or another
All those home improvement/flipping/real estate shows
Source: qsprn.com via Winter on Pinterest

And in all my travels of reality TV I have found one thing...
The shit is ridiculous!
I am sorry LOL but seriously?!
Are people's lives honestly like that?
People have no shame?
We are proud of this crap reflecting who we are a society?
I mean shit Kardashian's are famous cause one was a hoe!
Teen Moms -- WTF?!

This Venn Diagram is hilarious and totally recaps my thoughts!
We will make anything into entertainment!
Like did you know there's a show about THEMED FUNERALS!
What The What?!

Now will all that being said... it isn't going to stop me from watching it and enjoying other people's ridiculousness!

I mean you put it out there hell I am gonna enjoy it!!

What's your reality TV guilty pleasure?

Come on... you know you got one!
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Angie said…
I watch Teen Moms, and I kind of want to watch that new Gypsy Sisters show. I really want to know if they put motor oil on themselves to get a tan like the commercial says.

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