Enough Statement

Thanks to LMM's Ashely I have been inspired to write my "I am Enough" statement...
Bear {bare?!} with me it is coming right off the top of my head while watching the Super Bowl lol

I am enough because...

I am independent
I am stubborn - and use that in my favor
I am loyal - to all those that I know and love
I am honest - even though it may not be easy to hear
I am alive
I am human
I know many of my faults - and TRY and work on them daily
I love with all my heart
My family has always and will always comes first
I am learning to LOVE the LIFE I HAVE - rather than keep wishing for more
I TRY my best to do what is good and right
I BELIEVE in myself
I DREAM and I dream BIG!!
I will and have ACHIEVED
I have REACHED so many milestones I could have never imagined in my life
I am just ME and am happy to be ME!

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I am enough!
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