Did you know?

I am so cheap and no I am not talking about dating me! ;) BadaBing!
Haha no but seriously I hate spending money on stuff I actually need!
I mean lord help me if I need gas in my car or deodorant {2 things currently on my list}
But show me a purse or shoes or a new craft tool and boy can I justify and rationalize that purchase til the cows come home!

Even my clients in group sessions mock me!
I had a patient one time comment on how they always thought woman who had hair dressers were woman who cared about and did their hair... yeah total boost to the confidence!

I have been told on a regular basis to work on my warm fuzzies... use your imagination!

My husband refers to my attitude induced by his pain in the assness as my "latino ghetto" persona

The nickname trouble has followed me to every single job I have ever had... nobody has ever followed me to the new job... I just gain that nickname... problem?  I think not!  Job well done?  Hell yes!

I am known for breaking electronics... to such an extent that we get insurance on everything.  I even got  the defender series case for my ipad haha

I like eating cold hot dogs for some gross reason lol

Turkey bacon comes fully cooked?

I ran out of things like 4 items ago haha

So tell me something we don't know about you!
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