You know what really grinds my gear? <-- surprise gift for whoever tells me where I got that title from!


- Living in a snow laden city where people will drive 90 in a blizzard but the moment it rains they do 45! <-- really grinds my gears!

- Ignorant people who find it necessary to tell everyone how much they hate someone/something -- why bother taking the time to tell someone or a site why you hate them?  You are just giving them more traffic and "clicks"!!  Crazy talk do it like the rest of us behind closed doors and be nice to their face! Duh ;) <-- really grinds my gears!

- Crappy drivers!  The end! <-- really grinds my gears!

- Kimye!  Yes I said it!  But yet I can't help but follow every single stupid little snippet or hint at the BABY BUMP!! Stupid Kimye!! <-- really grinds my gears!

- Taylor Swift!  I am supposed to hate you and your music... then you create your newest song {I knew you were trouble} damn you and your pop country girlie music that makes me listen while hating myself! <-- really grinds my gears!

Now tell me... what grinds your gears?

Happy weekend friends!!

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Angie said…
Family Guy

Fake people really grind my gears.
Andrea said…
Crappy driving definitely grinds my gears too! Having to watch the news every night always grinds my gears too but I love my husband so I suffer {but not in silence}

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