Straight up Freaks of Nature

Yeppers that sums of my famdamily

We are a special people...

Don't get me wrong I love those crazy ass people cause they are the people that are always there for me

There's the Poo, Mammy, Old Man Rivers, MaMoe and the 3 monsters 

So the Poo and I are just freaks!!  This is a convo that ended up on FB a while back:

You know that Geico Squealing pig:

Well when we go anywhere with my dad now, he will "Weeweeeweeeee!!" at us and the really sad part?  My sister and I answer back!!  We are talking we are walking through Tarjay {how the fancy schmancy say it} and you will hear people "weeeweeeweeeing" throughout the store.  My mom pretends she doesn't know us!

The famdamily goes by many names: Mudda, mammy, momasita, old man rivers, daddy, Poo, baby sister, Ma moe, papache, Nanas, Bessie and NatNat, pretty pretty princess, Chu, sister!

Holidays are spent in PJs 

"Together" time means falling asleep on the couch watching TV

When we go out we speak in another language so that others can't understand us {safer for everyone involved trust me lol}

But at the end of the day they are the most amazing people you have ever met!
My parents are wonderful people and while we may be crazy, they are my crazy and I LOVE THEM!!

What makes your FamDamily unique and wonderful or special and crazy?!


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